Lauren Forte

Gifted education resources

Gifted and Talented Education Resources

As a parent, it’s natural to want your child to excel academically and reach their full potential. However, if your child is one of the 3.3 million students considered to be gifted, you may feel unsure about how to provide them with adequate stimulation and challenges. Rest assured, you’re not alone in this. Fortunately, numerous […]

2023 school choice expansion

All In on School Choice: In 2023, States Said Yes to School Choice

Well, we may have been thinking too small in dubbing 2021 “The Year of Educational Choice.” That’s because 2023 is easily lapping it when it comes to scale and scope of expanded education options. Broad access to school choice programs is no longer an “if” for families, but a “When?” and “Where next?”  In 2023, […]